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Aug 17

4 Steps to a People-Centered Workplace

Corporate real estate teams are tasked with meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving and constantly changing workforce—not an easy task, especially when dollars, hours in the day, and actionable data all seem ever-scarce. Organizations that rise to the challenge have the opportunity to win big. Companies that create great places to work can benefit with a 3X return compared to those who don’t, according to the minds behind the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® list.

Given strained resources and a dizzying number of potential solutions, it's not always easy to identify the best path forward. A winning approach to building a better workplace experience starts with putting people first.

Step 1: Offer choice

These days it’s indisputable that people work best when they’re able to choose and control where, when, and how they work. Regardless of company size (and budget), employees in workplaces with greater flexibility report being 12% more satisfied with their jobs, are more likely to rank their companies as innovative, and generally perform their jobs better, according to a recent Gensler Workplace Survey. Offering employees a suite of workspaces and technologies to personalize their environments greatly improves how work gets done.

Step 2: Gather meaningful feedback

Once a corporate real estate team has curated a range of workspaces and amenities for their employees, how do they know what's working? Is the new wellness room, the fleet of standing desks, or the latest workplace app improving how employees engage with the office? Employers around the world are using a variety of methods, from occupant surveys to physical sensors, to answer those questions. For feedback to be meaningful, Beau Trincia, VP of Product & Design at Comfy, offers this advice: "We've found that the best way to understand what people truly want from their workplaces is to gather feedback directly from them as they interact with their space."

Step 3: Discover actionable insights and make informed decisions

Once all this meaningful feedback is gathered, it needs to be converted into action. For many corporate real estate teams, the biggest challenge is making sense of the data and putting it all together. Solutions that effectively integrate data from people and buildings enable corporate real estate teams to drive better decisions around building management, space planning, workplace design, and more.

Step 4: Repeat often

Use these insights to continuously optimize the workplace. Employee expectations, working preferences, and real estate market conditions are ever-evolving, so creating the ideal workplace experience requires active management and constant iteration.

Putting people first results in self-sufficient, satisfied, and productive employees; streamlined management of people and resources; the ability to make data-driven business decisions; and a continuously improving workplace experience.

Ready to create a people-centered workplace? Then, it's time to get Comfy.

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