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A New Phase for Workplace Strategy

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a sudden and enormous shift in the way we all work due to COVID-19. Companies around the world are wrestling with how to keep their employees safe, productive, and informed while seeking opportunities to cut costs, optimize their real estate portfolios, and prepare for an impending economic downturn.

Join Comfy leaders Erica Eaton, Chief of Strategy, and Thalia Pascalides, Director of Marketing, for a 15-minute “virtual fireside chat” to hear their perspectives on the near- and long-term implications on workplace strategy. They’ll discuss:

  • How can companies keep employees informed of rapidly evolving changes in policies, access, and services?
  • How will this impact the traditional hurdles of flexible workplace design?
  • How can workplace technology help companies make data-informed space decisions when employee occupancy is increasingly variable?

Learn how to get more from your workplace investments.

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