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Mar 21

An Inside Look at Comfy Customer Support with Abby Becker

When it comes to creating world-class workplace experiences for our customers, Comfy’s commitment doesn’t end with getting control and comfort into the hands of employees. At each step along the way, the Comfy team is working behind the scenes to ensure that our customers are 100% set up for success—from the initial implementation phase to directly supporting app users all over the globe.

To hear firsthand how the Comfy team is actively transforming today’s employee workplace dynamic for the better, we sat down with Customer Support Account Manager Abby Becker. Abby was recently recognized with a "leader in optimism" award by her Comfy peers, a small testament to her incredible ability to radiate positivity, regardless of what curveballs are thrown her way.

1. Tell us a bit about the Customer Support role at Comfy.

My focus is squarely on our customers' and their employees' experience with the Comfy app (our “users”). When we receive an inquiry or feedback from a user, we have two goals in mind: first, to respond to and address their question immediately, and to escalate any uncovered issues to the right people to get resolved as quickly as possible. Second, we work to capture and channel the user feedback so that the broader Comfy team can learn from their experience and ultimately improve our product.

Ultimately, my team is here to listen and respond to the issues that people don't feel comfortable flagging internally, for whatever reason. For me personally, it’s empowering to think that while I don’t work for the customer directly, I feel like I’m a part of their team and helping their employees do their jobs better.

“I love seeing a user’s lightbulb moment, when they realize they can actually take action on something they’ve only been able to observe in the past."

2. What’s the most exciting part of working with Comfy customers and users?

I love seeing a user’s lightbulb moment, when they realize they can actually take action on something they’ve only been able to observe in the past. For instance, I’ve worked with people who’ve been dealing with a freezing cold office for seven years. Seven years! That’s a long time to be uncomfortable. Then they make their first request via Comfy and the issue is resolved in ten seconds. It’s like they’ve just received a magic wand for the office, and it’s exciting to see how technology can impact—and improve—the human experience at work. Helping our users realize they have the power to proactively change their environment—whether it’s the temperature, lighting, or finding a better place to work to suit their needs—is immensely gratifying.

It's also fun to hear how our users become friends with each other as a result of using Comfy. In the app, there is a tab called “recent requests” where users can see how their coworkers are using the app and what requests they’ve made. Having a window into this activity serves as a great conversation starter for folks, many of whom may not have interacted with each other in the past. Seeing how others are using the app keeps the conversation going and encourages coworkers to interact more with their environment and with each other—just as friends would while sitting on the couch at home.

“Employees simply expect more; they want the ability to control certain things in the office just like they can at home or on the go."

3. Talking to our customers’ employees every day gives you a unique window into their work life—a view workplace teams often wish they had. How have you seen employees’ workplace expectations evolve in recent years?

Today, given how quickly consumer tech has evolved, employees simply expect more; they want the ability to control certain things in the office just like they can at home or on the go. I’ve seen it change in front of my eyes with the questions and feedback we receive; they want Comfy to know where they are, to deliver a personalized experience just for them.

The workplace has traditionally been a straightforward place where you know where to sit, where your computer is—and that’s about it. There’s this gap in understanding what’s happening behind the scenes, and a general lack of empowerment over what can be done to improve the work experience. Comfy’s workplace app is exciting because it offers the ability for users to have better visibility into what’s possible within their workplace, and to interact with it and the people around them in a more impactful way. The change is happening quickly, and it’s exciting to see Comfy’s latest features starting to meet those needs.

4. What’s the most memorable piece of feedback you’ve gotten from a user?

We get many different types of feedback—from customers who are grateful to us for helping identify long-standing building issues, to app users who just love the app (we get a lot of “I LOVE YOU GUYS!” and “THANK YOU COMFY!!” emails, which is fun). We also work with many facilities teams who have gotten a lot of time back in their day thanks to Comfy, so we often get notes of gratitude from them.

One of my favorite moments was when we very quickly resolved a building issue that was discovered through user feedback, and the user who initially helped flag it wrote back after it was fixed, “Are you hiding in the vent? How’d you guys fix that so fast?” and I laughed out loud. I feel like we're doing our job well when we feel like a very realextension of our customers’ teams (or building)!

"Ultimately I’m here to serve our customers, which includes doing my part to help inform how to make our product better over time."

5. What superpowers do you think really good customer support people possess?

I’d say empathy is one of the most important traits. Being able to really put yourself in the user's shoes and understand their frustration is so important—thinking to yourself, "wow, I've been in that situation before and it would make me upset as well" can help you serve the customer better. I personally get more fired up to resolve a situation when I can truly appreciate how genuinely uncomfortable the person must be; it's an innate human need to be comfortable, after all.

I’d say another key superpower is being able to both understand (and resolve) a user’s immediate problem, and then zoom out to see the bigger picture behind the issue. Was it a result of user error? Or maybe because of something related to the user experience?  Ultimately our support team is here to serve our customers, which includes doing our part to help inform how to make our product better over time.

6. Speaking of feedback, what happens with the feedback you get from Comfy users?

Our users love giving us feedback—partly because they see that we’re constantly making improvements based on what they’ve told us, which ultimately benefits them. My team really serves as a liaison between our customers' employees who use our app and our product development team—sharing feedback we’ve received, problems that users have experienced, and even requests they have for additional features.

After rolling out Comfy to their employees to address temperature concerns, our customers kept asking us if and when we could help their employees adjust the lights, find open conference rooms, and better connect with other aspects of their workplaces—and it's so exciting that our product has now evolved to be able to meet those needs, too. We take extra steps to ensure users know that their feedback is valued and that they really feel like they’re part of our journey. What they say has a real impact, because it’s the user feedback that defines the way we grow and improve as everyone’s favorite workplace app.

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