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1. What is Comfy?

A workplace experience app that gives employees personal control over their work environment.

Comfy helps users control their temperature, adjust lighting throughout the day, find and book available rooms and desks, and share immediate feedback with workplace teams. Comfy improves workplace experience and satisfaction, while delivering the operational results that corporate real estate leaders and workplace teams need.

2. What's a workplace experience app?

A workplace experience app is designed to delight the employee by offering a consumer-like user experience, so they can easily control, connect, and communicate with the people, places, and systems around them.

3. What exactly does Comfy do?

Comfy integrates with existing building systems (HVAC, lighting, BMS, occupancy sensors and more) and workplace applications (calendars, ticketing systems, etc.) to create an elevated workplace experience. With Comfy, anyone in the office can adjust temperature and lighting on-demand, find and book available spaces, or submit feedback about a workplace issue.

4. Who is Comfy built for?

For the modern worker, Comfy is a workplace experience app that gives them personal control over their workplace—creating a better way to work.

For workplace teams, Comfy leverages existing building systems and users themselves to operate the building more efficiently, enhance space utilization, and free up time to work on more strategic initiatives.

5. Does Comfy integrate with my existing systems?

Most likely! Through our partner ecosystem Works with Comfy, we work across various building and workplace systems—from building automation to connected lighting, occupancy sensing, indoor positioning, and calendars—to create a unified workplace experience.

To learn more about system compatibility and integration, see our Trust Center.

6. What makes Comfy special and why aren’t more companies doing this?

Magic! Seriously though, Comfy is the result of over a decade's worth of research and development into building systems, and is still the only app designed to give employees control over their workplace experience. Comfy provides on-demand response, integrates with existing systems, and incorporates smart automation into every feature and function—wrapped up in a user-friendly app.

7. I care about sustainability and energy efficiency. Can Comfy help me reach sustainability targets?

Yes, Comfy customers often experience 5% - 20% in HVAC energy savings by preventing over-conditioning and widening temperature setpoints in unoccupied spaces. By offering on-demand, localized climate control to employees, Comfy delivers energy savings, improves employee wellbeing, and helps companies achieve green building certifications like LEED and WELL.

8. Does Comfy work in residential buildings?

Comfy is designed for commercial office spaces. We recognize the growing trends and adoption of smart home technology for personalized comfort in homes, and we're focused on bringing that accessibility and control to workplaces. After all, we spend more than half of our waking hours at work!

If you have additional questions or are interested in getting Comfy in your office, contact us at

9. I'm writing an article and/or organizing an event about technology and the workplace of the future. Can I speak to someone from Comfy?

We have learned a lot through the years working at the frontlines of workplace experience, and would love to share our perspective and advice. Drop us a line at