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Jun 29

Office Hacks: How to Deal with Temperature During the Summer

As summer rolls around, offices without Comfy can turn into hot steam rooms or over air-conditioned icelands—making you believe that this is actually the end of times. During these fickle months, office discomfort is guaranteed and individual productivity plummets.

So, these ridiculous office temperature hacks are for you—every nine-to-fiver and daily grinder who find themselves just trying to get (and stay) comfortable at work.

1. Create a tiny ice bath with the biggest bowl you can find in the communal kitchen.

2. Take a note from your cat or dog and crouch in sunny spots around the office.

3. Get a coworker to fan you, like the queen/king you are.

4. Get creative with the standing desk policy.

5. Dawn layer, upon layer, upon layer (a classic move). could #JustUseComfy. If you want Comfy in your office, let us know and we’ll get you hooked up. And remember, follow @comfyapp on Twitter for more laughs (as well as super great company and product updates).

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