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Nov 29

What Happens When Two People Disagree About the Temperature?

Here at Comfy, there’s a question we get asked a lot: “What happens when one person is too hot and the person next to them is too cold?” Hear Peter (not a paid actor) take on this frequently asked question in our latest Comfy Presents video.

Disagreement over temperature will always exist because temperature preference is super-personal and constantly changing. Comfy addresses this by providing localized control, greater transparency, and the ability to resolve conflicts when, or before, they occur.

Temperature preference is personal and constantly changing

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that there's no such thing as the perfect temperature for everyone. Temperature disagreements happen because most buildings have a very narrow prescribed temperature setting, usually 70-72℉ for the whole building. We refer to this as a “one size fits none” solution because in in reality, our perception of what’s comfortable is constantly changing.

The "perfect temperature" varies from person to person, and changes dynamically based on a number of different factors like time of day, level of activity (metabolic rate), what we’re wearing (clo factor), and of course, location in the office. Comfy empowers each individual with information and options to find what works best for them.

Localized control

Comfy is designed to reduce temperature conflict by delivering personalized control, insight, and transparency to every employee. How does it do that? You select where you are on a floor map of your office, which provides the most localized control possible, and you’re ready to make a request. So, if you're feeling cold and decide to hit “Warm My Space,” you're not changing the temperature for the whole office. You'll get an instant 10 minute stream of warm air to your specific zone.


Comfy also prevents conflict by providing greater transparency into the preferences of your neighbors. The app shows all recent zone activity, which allows you to make more informed decisions.

Resolving disagreements

In those rare instances when you make a request that conflicts with the recent activity of others in your zone, Comfy will let you know and and ask you to wait a few minutes before making another request. You can then talk to your neighbors about warming your space, or if you work in one of many offices now offering more flexible seating options, you can take a look at the Comfy heat map to quickly locate another area of the office that’s a bit warmer.

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