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Creating great
relationships between
people and workplaces

Response to Apache Log4j Vulnerability

We have completed our analysis of the impacts of the Log4J vulnerabilities. Log4J is not used by any of our services.

We have deployed additional tools and enhanced our monitoring to help manage similar risks in the future.

About Us

We're on a mission to create amazing workplace experiences for everyone—from the people who operate
the building to the people who fill it. With expertise in machine learning, UX design, and enterprise service,
we create great relationships between people and their workplaces.

Our Leadership Team

Stefan Schwab


Jens Stottmann


Josh Beck

Head of Operations

Colm Nee

Head of Technology

Laura Heinrich

Head of Marketing

Steve Wooderson

Head of Revenue

Franco Castaldini

Head of Product

Tom Altavilla

Head of People and Organization

Comfy Life

At Comfy, we're driven by our passion for creating amazing workplace experiences. We're engineers,
developers, marketers—but we're also musicians, chefs, artists, athletes, activists, and teachers—who bring
our unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds to build products that put experience first.

Tom, Customer Success

Tom, Customer Success

"I love working with customers and understanding what their goals are. I try to view every interaction as part of a working relationship, rather than a business transaction."

Krista, Recruiting

Krista, Recruiting

"Our team is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, skill sets and experiences. We enjoy working together and are always thinking of new ways to bond inside and outside of the office!"

Eric, Engineering

Eric, Engineering

"There's no one telling you it has to be done this way only. We get to implement new and enhanced functionality and processes, which is really gratifying."

Deliver Results

We finish what we start and follow through on what we promise, when we promised.

Make it Matter

We aim to maximize our positive impact on everyone we touch. We create lasting value in a complex and uncertain world.

Embrace Collaboration

We cultivate trust, pitch in, and extend our expertise. We work together to create value, experiences, and service.

Always Be Curious

We are relentless in our pursuit of new ideas, new value, new innovations, and new ways to do things.

Practice Empathy & Humility

We are humble yet take ownership of our decisions. We treat one another with respect and assume good intentions.

Join Our Team

It takes a village of diverse people and experiences to do what we do—and guess what? We're hiring! We'd love to hear from you.