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Workplace Technology Priorities for CRE Executives

Wellbeing & Safety

Reduce risk of contagion with touchless workspaces

Real-time communication with feedback loops

of executives say that ensuring employee safety is #1 issue.


Flexible Hybrid
Working Model

Reduce operational costs, while improving employee experience

Easily configure workspaces

of CRE executives claimed hybrid working would be their strategy moving forward.

Verdantix Comfy Study

Data-Driven Insights
to Inform
Workplace Design

Analyze data to right-size real-estate portfolios

Empower employees with choice and control of their environments

of organizations are seeking to reduce office footprints that align with hybrid working models

Verdantix Comfy Study


Rapid deployment with streamlined functionality

Easy integration with existing systems

Data that can inform cost savings

of surveyed CRE leaders feel their company has the resources and skills required to operate a digitally transformed business.


The New Workplace
Reality Report

A study of how 75 CRE executives from top firms plan to navigate the post pandemic workplace.

5 Imperatives for a
Safe Return to Work

What you need to know to safely bring employees back to the workplace.


How is Siemens bringing 300K employees back to the office? Salesforce CRO Gavin Patterson interviews Siemens Deputy CEO Roland Busch about the new office normal.

Leadership Perspectives

Exploring new ways to work

Mark Miller, Cisco Workplace Technology Strategist and Elisa Rönkä, Head of Digital Market Development explore ways companies are approaching employee interactions with new workplace configurations.


The New Era of
Workplace Data & Insights

When business leaders planned to return employees to workplaces in the pandemic’s early stages, the dilemma was one of temporary adjustment. But as enforced flexibility continues, the advantages of permanently embracing hybrid working models have become clear. As businesses revise their working models, the ability to capture, analyze and act on the right data will be a crucial factor in building the future of work.

New Workplace Reality
Readiness Assessment

Have you considered the factors required for a new workplace reality plan?
Take this 5-minute assessment to find out.

2021 Priority

What’s covered?

Time required: 5 minutes

  • Employee sentiment
  • Employee communications
  • Workplace models
  • Assembling a change management team
  • Back to office logistics
  • Portfolio management

You will receive your readiness score and assessment upon completion.

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Implement hybrid working models while garnering space utilization data needed to right size your real estate portfolio.


A customizable solution to managing workplace re-entry with demonstrated success.

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