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Mar 23

Comfy Goes International with Infosys, Leader in Smart Building Tech

We kicked off 2016 achieving a major milestone: Comfy went international. And, we couldn’t have asked for a more momentous site: the world-renowned Mysore campus of Infosys in India. A global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services with over 180,000 employees and 950 clients across 50 countries, Infosys is commonly dubbed “the Google of India.” We are thrilled to bring Comfy to their 345-acre Mysore campus, home to the Infosys Leadership Institute and Global Education Center, the world’s largest corporate training facility.

Infosys is a pioneer in smart buildings and infrastructure, deploying industry- leading practices such as radiant cooling, day lighting, and effective retrofit strategies to reduce its energy consumption and improve operational excellence.

Speaking on their commitment to innovative initiatives in a recent press release, CEO of Infosys Dr. Vishal Sikka said, “With our experience in computing technologies, and in managing urban spaces totaling over 2,600 acres, with a built-up area of 39 million sqft, all over India, our model ecosystem at Mysore will serve as a live, replicable example of smart city innovations that will harness all the advantages of digitization.”

While cultures and time zones may differ, many of the challenges faced and solutions discovered will sound familiar to workplace service departments all around the US.

Efficient space utilization

With rising real estate costs and constant pressure to drive down operating costs, corporate real estate teams around the US face pressures to do more with less. With over 15,000 trainees (some residing on campus), 8,000+employees and several thousand contract workers on-site, and a rapidly growing workforce, the Mysore campus of Infosys faces an especially challenging setup. How can workplace services teams optimize the corporate real estate portfolio to meet today's varied workforce needs and tomorrow's anticipated growth? All while keeping operating costs and energy usage lean? Infosys has embraced new technologies in the smart buildings industry that automate processes, aggregate data, and redirect resources where and when they are needed.

Keeping employees comfortable and productive

Like their counterparts at high-growth tech companies around the world, Infosys employees are super-busy. A few minutes of distraction per day due to a physically uncomfortable work environment can be costly for any company. In fact, a 2014 IPSOS survey of more than 10,000 workers in 14 countries found that office workers are losing 86 minutes a day due to distractions. No successful company can afford to have uncomfortable and distracted employees.

In addition, because the Mysore campus is home to its corporate training facilities, for many employees, the experience at Mysore is their first embrace into the Infosys family and an indication of the care and committment the company puts into the professional development and personal needs of its employees.

Marrying classical architecture with modern day technology

Earlier this year, the Mysore campus had the international press buzzing about their plan to build the world's largest free-standing clock, surpassing Big Ben by 40 meters. However, the Infosys clock tower will  be digital. It is but one of many examples throughout the Mysore campus of the extraordinary marriage of the old and the new, drawing inspiration from tradition while adding a decidedly modern spin.


Like many other adopters of smart building innovations, Infosys faces challenges and opportunities in terms of optimizing space, improving productivity, and integrating new technologies with existing infrastructure. The difference is that they're implementing their projects at an unprecendent scale with the entire nation watching their example.

This kind of proactive, future-proofing is right up our alley. There was immediate appeal of Comfy as a technically elegant and energy-saving solution to improving workplace comfort and productivity. Comfy's ability to deliver immediate employee comfort and happiness, operational efficiency, and energy savings is quickly resonating with the Infosys team. We're honored and excited to have Infosys as our first international client.

Stay tuned for more coverage of inspiring stories in the smart building space.

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