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May 22

Introducing Comfy's All New Welcome Experience

For many office workers, stepping into their workplace is like taking a step back in time. They optimize their personal lives with technology everyday—Google Maps and Waze to navigate, Yelp to find food nearby, and Uber to get a ride when they need it—but unfortunately it all comes to a halt when they arrive at work.

Since Comfy’s founding, our Fortune 500 clients have relied on Comfy to bring that in-context, delightful app experience back into the workplace; to create technology that meets users where they are—and that helps bring them to where they want to go next.

That’s why we’re especially excited for the update available in our app this week. We’ve redesigned our welcome experience to be more intuitive and friendly. Our goal is to better orient employees with a single entry-point for a truly customized workplace experience. Thanks to a new system of customizable "cards" that our clients can use to spotlight high-value corporate services and spaces, users can rely on Comfy to find all the most relevant information and resources they may need throughout their workday.

Here are a few highlights of the new welcome experience.

Comfy’s All New Welcome Experience

A consistent, branded experience

For many of our Fortune 500 clients, a stellar workplace is an extension of their brand and identity. They asked us, "How can we make our corporate brand visible within Comfy?" Starting today, our clients can choose to feature their logo at the top of the app. It’s an impactful detail to help you deliver an adaptable and consistent workplace experience to your employees, whether they're based at HQ or working out of a satellite office.

A friendlier, more personalized hello

Previously, when users opened the Comfy app, they landed on a map showing their most recently selected location. Don’t get me wrong, at Comfy we love maps (location-based services are a cornerstone of our app experience after all!), but we knew we could do better.

Now, when users open the Comfy app, they’ll be greeted personally by name and see the local weather, all against the backdrop of the building they’re working in that day. It’s our latest way of providing the personalized, in-context experience that Comfy users have grown to love.

"It’s our latest way of providing the personalized, in-context experience that Comfy users have grown to love."

Faster access to...well, everything

From the top of the home screen, it’s now easier than ever before to access the Comfy features available at your location. Find a nearby desk or meeting room, adjust lighting or temperature—all in a couple of clicks.

Searching for something specific? Say, a meeting room on another floor that you've never heard of? Or perhaps a new employee needs to find the nearest café or mother’s room. With our new one-click search, Comfy users can find what they need right away, and get valuable time back in their day. No more frustrated employees circling the office searching for an available meeting room or pacing the floor seeking an open workstation.

Comfy's new home screen also provides better access to high-value, but often underutilized corporate services and spaces. Comfy users can see a carousel of people, spaces, and things all close to where they are… BOOM! From one simple interface, your employees are instantly connected to what they need in the workplace. When information about your workplace investments—flexible seating areas, conference rooms, gyms, on-campus services—is easier to find, they are more likely to be fully utilized.

"From one simple interface, your employees are instantly connected to what they need in the workplace."

One app that connects employees to all their workplace needs

Which brings me to one of the most exciting aspects of this enhancement: the modular, card-based design. Why does this matter? Many of our clients have made investments in employee-facing tech and on-site amenities. They are eager to offer one, single workplace app experience that brings all their digital and physical solutions together. Comfy allows our clients to add and remove "cards," so that their employees can see the workplace information that’s most relevant to them.

For example, I recently spoke with one real estate executive at a financial tech company who had built a website for the sole purpose of displaying the hours for their most popular cafe on campus. Single-use websites for the purpose of information-sharing? No, thanks.

Instead, through our new modular card design, Comfy's welcome experience makes it easier for our clients to showcase information, services, news, and more—the moment employees open the Comfy app. The possibilities here are truly endless, and the configurability allows our clients to customize the user experience for their employees based on their location…. and accommodate new services or amenities that may not even exist yet.

Highlight information with customizable cards. The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately, it’s what’s “under the hood” that makes Comfy the leading workplace experience solution provider in the market today. Our clients rely on us to manage the complex system integrations behind-the-scenes to make Comfy’s hallmark user experience so simple and intuitive. On a global portfolio scale, there’s no other partner (or in-house initiative) that can compare to Comfy’s unique combination of end-to-end system integration expertise and intuitive employee-facing app experience.

Looking ahead

Whether they’re working in a satellite office or at global headquarters, all employees deserve to have the tools they need to be their most productive and engaged selves at work. At Comfy, we pride ourselves on continuously and rapidly improving our product to achieve this goal.

The new enhanced welcome experience sets the stage for a full roadmap of enhancements in the coming year. We’re looking at layering on various types of functionality, including enhanced amenity information and wayfinding, because we've always believed that workplaces should be as easy to navigate as real-life. Comfy is bringing that consumer-app-like experience that employees crave into the workplace.

Interested in seeing the Comfy app in action? Reach out to us today.

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