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Aug 30

Why We Love People-Centered Workplaces (And You Should, Too!)

The need to create a superior employee experience is not especially new or controversial. (C'mon, everyone knows more productive and engaged employees are a good thing.) The difference is that technological advances (in consumer apps and in smart building solutions) are broadening how we define the way people engage with their workplaces.

Ideas like "workplace as a service" and "the on-demand office" are taking hold. More broadly, forward-thinking employers around the world are talking about how to create a people-centered workplace—a workplace that operates efficiently because it delivers what people want, where and when they want it.

Here's why the people-centered workplace is here to stay, and how leading companies are already making it a reality.

A people-centered workplace optimizes the space and operations based on what people actually want.

Today's workers are savvy. They know when they're just being fed another useless perk. Leading companies like Cisco, WeWork, and Infosys are embracing digital workplace solutions that actually address real needs. Granting people greater choice, control, and flexibility over their physical environment is directly correlated with improved job performance and workplace satisfaction.

A people-centered workplace leverages data from the building AND from the way people interact with the space.

Tools like an enhanced analytics dashboard empower corporate real estate teams to get a comprehensive view into how different people interact with the building, how different areas are used throughout the day, how to prioritize mechanical issues, and more.

A people-centered workplace adapts continuously.

As individuals' working needs change, a people-centered workplace shifts to accommodate those needs. Advances in building automation systems and machine learning are taking a lot of the manual work out of this fine-tuning. The result: we're all one step closer to helping people bring their best selves to work and giving time back to facilities teams.

The benefits to a people-centered workplace are extensive, and ultimately have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. Companies that create great places to work can benefit with a 3X return compared to those who don’t, according the minds behind the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For list. It improves employee productivity, workplace satisfaction, and employee engagement. It ensures that resources dedicated to improving the workplace are efficiently allocated. Finally, it creates a positive two-way conversation between the people who work in the building and those in charge of managing it.

In short, when a company creates a truly people-centered workplace, it creates value for the entire company.

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