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Dec 16

Work from Anywhere with Comfy & LiquidSpace

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with LiquidSpace, which will create a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to implement truly flexible working models. The technology partnership is the first of its kind to integrate both managed offices and on-demand spaces into a single app, enabling businesses to create a seamless experience for employees to find, book and use working spaces which best suit their needs.

Through Comfy’s workplace intelligence platform, businesses will be able to integrate on-demand spaces as an extension of their own real estate portfolios to manage space utilization, and gather insights to better understand how employees are using and interacting with their dynamic workplace environments. 

The LiquidSpace marketplace offers an alternative to the traditional office HQ in the form of on-demand office space near home, when and where employees need it most. It provides access to real-time office inventory on flexible terms with over 11,000 venue partners across 2500 cities, supporting ‘hub and spoke’ working models which will increasingly see businesses utilizing smaller satellite offices in key locations.

“As business leaders continue to redefine the workplace, on-demand office spaces will play an important role in developing distributed, ‘hub and spoke’ working models,” said Erica Eaton, CEO, Comfy. “By integrating LiquidSpace with Comfy we can empower businesses with the right data to support their future of work, and provide employees with a seamless workplace experience whether they’re working from the headquarters, a satellite office or an on-demand site.”

To find out more about how our partnership with LiquidSpace can support your company’s future of work, click here or contact the Comfy team at

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