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Create better experiences with Works with Comfy

Our partner ecosystem helps workplace teams get more out of their existing systems, to create better experiences for employees and to drive better building performance.

Deploying solutions across
building portfolios
is complicated

Across real estate portfolios, every building is uniquely different—making it hard to manage the diverse range of systems and data and deploy cohesive solutions portfolio-wide.

Works with Comfy makes it easy

We bring together partners across physical and digital systems, reducing the complexity of integration and allowing workplace teams to deliver a better Comfy experience regardless of their existing systems.

Working with market leading partners

We work with partners across various building and workplace systems—from building automation to connected lighting,
occupancy sensing, indoor positioning, and calendars—to create a unified workplace experience.

"Cree and Comfy share a vision to create a highly connected experience, taking a sensor network and the ability to control lights to an entirely new level. Our participation in the Works with Comfy partner ecosystem embraces this open approach, enabling our shared clients to experience their surroundings in ways we never could have imagined."

— Gary Trott, VP of Marketing, Intelligent Lighting at Cree

We connect the dots, you get the value

With our partners, we do the heavy lifting to get Comfy up and running. We check the box of technical compatibility,
identify and work with the right counterparts, and keep you informed on the latest product offerings.

For existing systems...

For existing systems...

With the right technical and operational relationships in place, Works with Comfy eases implementation costs, minimizes risk, and quickly scales user adoption across existing systems.

or new builds.

or new builds.

Before planning the next building, tenant improvement, or renovation, check with our team of experts on which systems are Comfy compatible.

"Comfy delivers on the promise of the connected workplace. By activating indoor location-based services and real-time occupancy data, our combined solutions make it easy to streamline the work experience while providing real estate analysts with much needed space utilization and collaboration insights."

— Tom Zampini, CEO, Beco

Trust Center

Our team of experts provide technical implementation and systems integration support, and utilize industry-leading security protocols.

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Comfy Experience

Our app and insights dashboard provide the control and choice employees expect and the results workplace teams need.

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Take advantage of your existing
systems and create amazing
workplace experiences.

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