Comfy Office. Happy Occupants. More Productivity.

Comfy Office. Happy Occupants. More Productivity.

Get Comfy

Comfy is the only occupant-facing, smart building software that delivers on-demand, personalized comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Delivers Productivity & Savings

60% of occupants report being more productive while using Comfy

Energy Savings

HVAC usage reduced by ~20%

Operational Savings

Hot/cold calls reduced by >90%

O&M Budget Efficiency

Budgets stretched by >10%

The Comfy Experience

Intuitive design meets sophisticated building technology to turn every employee's smartphone into a "remote control for the office."

How It Works


Comfy connects to the building's existing system quickly and easily.


Occupants use the app to select a location and make a request to instantly warm or cool the space.


Based on occupant preferences, machine learning optimizes the workplace for comfort, productivity, and savings.

Monthly Subscription Service

It’s quick, easy, and affordable to get Comfy in the hands of occupants.

Pay-as-you-go (no upfront fixed fees)

No extra equipment or instrumentation required

Dedicated support team included

How Do I Get Comfy?

Contact us about getting Comfy in your office!

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