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Feb 26

Works with Comfy: A New Partner Ecosystem for a Better Workplace Experience

Imagine this: a remote employee is visiting her company's sprawling corporate campus for the first time to deliver presentations to high-profile clients and executives. Upon arrival, she receives an alert that her meeting is starting soon, with a link to her calendar invite and walking directions to the appropriate building. The reserved conference room is just the right size for the number of attendees. The lighting and AV equipment are ideal for presentations. The temperature is just right, and if it's not, she can immediately adjust it from her phone. The entire experience is seamless, and she can spend all of her mental energy on impressing her audience, rather than dealing with annoying mishaps.

Unfortunately, even though everything I just described is technically possible, this is not happening today. The workplace experience is broken and fragmented—and for no good reason. There are tons of solutions (app or otherwise) that tackle a specific pain point in the workplace. However, by and large, they're disjointed—they are not connected and they do not inform one another. At Comfy, our expertise is in tying everything together to create a holistic workplace experience and making the scenario I just painted a reality. We build the technology to integrate the physical and digital systems that make the workplace better and connect those systems all the way to the end user. And, we do that, at least in part, by building on the capability and strengths of our partners.

Today, I'm proud to announce our Works with Comfy ecosystem. We're starting by partnering with market leaders, like Beco, Cree, CoWorkr, Density, and Lutron, among others. From building automation to connected lighting, occupancy sensing, indoor positioning, and calendars, our goal is to create a unified workplace experience. By working closely with partners across physical and digital systems, the Works with Comfy ecosystem reduces the complexity and confusion typically incurred when deploying solutions across vast real estate portfolios. Which means, workplace professionals can deliver a better Comfy experience regardless of their existing systems.

The Works with Comfy partner ecosystem is a natural evolution in meeting our company's mission to create workplaces that enable everyone to do their best work, and to empower the people who manage buildings with the data they need.

Oh, and we called it Works with Comfy because, well, a lot of stuff works with Comfy and we figured it was about time we let people know.

Find out more about the Works with Comfy partners and how we're delivering value to our shared clients.

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