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Jan 16

Get Office Info in Real-Time with Custom Cards

Today’s employees are used to helpful apps anticipating what they need to know, whether it’s Yelp offering tasty nearby lunch ideas or Google Maps reminding them where they parked.

But the workplace has lagged behind. Important everyday info that workers want—like kitchen menus, shuttle schedules, or printer locations—is buried on a wiki page or displayed on a screen on a different floor.

Over the past year, the Comfy team has partnered with enterprise clients to deliver a centralized hub of employee-facing content within its app. Through Comfy’s configurable “cards” system, real estate leaders can surface local, real-time information and resources to employees in a single, scrollable UI.

Custom cards provide corporate real estate executives a seamless way to promote workplace-specific content, from transit to parking to menus, as well as links out to relevant apps or websites—for instance, company resources or recommended apps. Cards can be configured to feature both hyper-localized content or globally relevant information, and to provide employees with quick access to the tools and resources they need to do their jobs efficiently from wherever they are.

Custom cards come in two forms:

Static cards are easy shortcuts to commonly requested info, like parking garage rates or guest wifi passwords, with an optional link to more detail. They’re also great for special announcements, like a news update or scheduled company event.

Dynamic cards display live, up-to-the-minute information (like today’s cafe menu or gym class schedule) by connecting to customers’ data feeds via API. The app integrates with third-party data feeds, too, allowing you to surface helpful data like regional train schedules and local weather.

The customization opportunities are endless.

The Comfy homepage serves as a one-stop shop for content that might otherwise be buried on various wiki pages, email, or websites. And the cards can be branded, too, for a seamless employee experience.

This modular, easy-to-configure system lets real estate leaders showcase important content to employees without having to update information in multiple places. That allows Comfy to scale across a global portfolio, while also keeping each employee’s app relevant to their location.

With custom cards, Comfy becomes an even better hub for all things workplace-related — so employees can easily find what they need to do their best work.

See how custom cards can empower your employees and save you stress. Schedule a demo today.

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