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Jan 08

New Feature: Find Teammates Faster with Coworkers

Are your employees tired of lapping the office, poking their heads into conference rooms, or crawling calendars to find the colleague they need to talk to? The rise of flexible seating in today’s modern workplaces means that finding teammates can be a daily hassle, a waste of time and energy that plays out on every floor of every office building several times a day.

Enter Coworkers, an opt-in, interactive seating chart in the Comfy app. This new feature—part of a robust set of app features designed to help employees connect to the people, places and resources they need to do their best work—makes it easier to locate and collaborate with colleagues, making work more productive.

How it works

Employees can set their workspace location right in the Comfy app—whether that’s their permanent desk, their desk for the day, or anywhere in the office that they call home.

Looking for someone? With a simple name search, employees can see a colleague’s workspace on a map. No more lapping the office or digging around for seating charts on the company wiki to find the people you need.

The more team members who use the Coworkers feature, the more valuable it becomes. Setting a workplace location is totally optional and employees can opt out at any time.

Making the agile workplace work

By making it easier for employees to collaborate in real-time, Coworkers helps make agile workplace initiatives successful.

As companies transition to unassigned seating, employees often report feelings of uncertainty. “Will I be able to find the people I need,” they wonder, "when everyone is moving around all the time?” Now, with a few taps, employees can find the person they need to meet with and a comfortable place to meet, addressing those common concerns.

Corporate real estate leaders, meanwhile, get the space utilization data they crave, allowing them to evaluate agile workplace initiatives like hot desking and make more informed decisions about real estate.

Getting better over time

After realizing that most employees had concerns around location tracking, the Comfy product team decided to build Coworkers as an opt-in, interactive feature, rather than a location tracker via GPS or Bluetooth.

"We’re starting with the basics to get employee buy-in," says Beau Trincia, Comfy’s VP of User Experience, "and will build from there." Learn more about the research that went into the development of this feature from Comfy’s product and UX leaders.

For employees to thrive, they need easy access to the spaces and faces they need to do their best work. And when employees thrive, workplaces do, too.

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