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Aug 03

Why Comfy? Hear the Love from Our Users

These days, it’s hard to argue with the need to create a “people-centered” approach to the workplace. As workforce demographics shift, workplaces too must evolve to meet employee needs—which is why we see leading companies investing more and more in ways to keep their employees productive, happy, and comfortable in the workplace.

Yet with so many workplace amenity options out there, what makes a people-centered workplace experience app like Comfy stand out among today’s workers? We figured we’d let a few of our thousands of users speak for themselves on why they love using Comfy to improve their day-to-day life at work.

"It’s nice to feel that I have some control over what happens in the office."
- Office Administrator, AppNexus

Whether it’s ordering groceries from your phone or requesting a ride share home from work, today’s workers can control much of their life with a simple click of a button in an app. But within the confines of the office, employees struggle with basics—whether it’s finding a quiet space to take a call, dimming glaring overhead lights, or adjusting the temperature so they’re comfortable enough to work productively.

A 2015 Leesman workplace survey of over 102,000 respondents showed that although temperature control was named one of the top features considered to be an important part of an effective workplace, it is also the feature with the highest reported dissatisfaction. It’s no surprise, then, that one of the reasons employees love Comfy’s easy-to-use app is because it empowers them to personalize their own workspace so it works for them.

"It's super intuitive."
- Jenna, CRM tech leader employee

An app like Comfy is only going to be as successful as the number of people who actually use it. Comfy's product and design teams are constantly enhancing its easy-to-use interface and back-end technology to create the best workplace experience possible. Most recently, we rolled out some product enhancements designed to help users keep track of the various places they visit throughout their day and help them access them again quickly.

In addition to providing immediate relief and control for users, Comfy provides transparency into what people in a given workspace actually want. As more people use Comfy over time, the app leverages machine learning to better identify and display personal preferences in order to keep shared spaces as comfortable as possible. And when employees see that their input has an immediate impact, they're more inclined to engage. Comfy's intuitive design, immediate response, and continued optimization unlocks an employer's ability to connect its people with their workplace in a lasting way.

"Being able to get back to your job, get back to being productive—that’s what’s key."
- Learning and Development Associate, AppNexus

Let’s face it, being uncomfortable at work—whether too hot or too cold, or in a space that’s too dark or too bright—means you’re often too distracted to be productive. Optimizing thermal comfort, on the other hand, can actually increase employee productivity, yielding bottom-line benefits for your company.

According to one Cornell study, raising the temperature to a more comfortable thermal zone saves employers about $2 per worker, per hour—that’s nearly $4,000 for just one full-time employee over the course of a year! Comfy helps employees feel more productive (and therefore engaged with their work), helping companies efficiently meet their goals.

"Before, I had to put on a heavy jacket every afternoon as the A/C ramped up. Now, my jacket lies ignored and none of my coworkers have complained. It's brilliant!"
- Employee, Fortune 100 tech company

People go to ridiculous lengths to stay comfortable in the office. But they shouldn’t have to. Comfy removes the distractions of discomfort by making it easy to take control of your own comfort at work. Learn more about Comfy today.

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